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The “BASIC LEVEL – Study Manual” is a careful compilation of the ‘FUNDAMENTALS of GRAPHOLOGY’ without which the ENTIRE Study is highly volatile !!

 NO participant is qualified to purchase our Proficient Level Course Materials (PROFESSIONAL & ADVANCED LEVEL) without officially conceiving the Fundamental Knowledge from our BASIC LEVEL Study Manual.

Inorder to make SWIFT use of the LIMITED PERIOD OFFER (Coupon Codes) EVERY PARTICIPANT HEREBY ARE QUALIFIED to Pre-Book/Pre-Purchase ALL the Proficient Level (BASIC-PROFESSIONAL-ADVANCED) Course Materials in a SINGLE PURCHASE !!

If a purchase is made for PROFESSIONAL & ADVANCED LEVEL without studying our BASIC LEVEL, the participant’s FEE Payment is Unquestionably Channelized for the Enrollment & Dispatchment of the BASIC LEVEL Course Programme.

Your CONSIGNMENT will be Dispatched Accordingly !!

Some of the Unique Contents available in this Course Material are

#Temperaments of Writing Slants, #Emotional Memory with Writing Pressure, #Significance of Baseline, #Lateral Zones of Handwriting, #Decrypting Page Layout, #Handwriting Rhythm, #Understanding a writer’s Creativity & Imagination capabilities from their handwriting, #Communication Letters & Respective patterns that reveal a writer’s reliability & trust factors, #Exclusive insights on various formations of the letter ‘ I ‘ inorder to understand the writer’s family culture, #The General Psychology [Part:1] which includes Tips & Tricks on Personal motivations; Improvisational techniques for enhanced Creative Imagination, Memory, Thinking patterns & Emotional Intelligence; and a lot more…



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