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Graphology can be precisely honored as a stream of psychological study that directly deals with ‘the human mind and its functions – especially those that define a behavioral pattern’.

Instructions from the brain are sent as electro-chemical signals via neurons to the respective parts of the body, so as to engage in performing that particular activity. Hence, the brain is directly involved in sending these signal patterns that enables us to ‘write’. Then technically, for a PERSONALITY ENHANCEMENT, careful alteration of some handwritten patterns can trick your brain into thinking differently. This is called GRAPHO THERAPY.

“Instructions for Handwriting Sample Submission” (Click HERE)


Humans are the most complicated beings. There are literally more than 5000 Personality Attributes that defines an individual’s characteristics. Each of these attributes exists in clusters and are often interdependent i.e., the existence of a specific attribute is influenced by the existence of another.


Our experts perform an extensive study of your handwritten specimen. Alongside your requirement, a specific pattern that BEST suits your personality is suggested for a 21-DAY practice. (Further Details & Instructions will be shared in-person.)


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