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The “ARRAY COLLECTION” is a Unique Opportunity for ALL the participants, to make SWIFT use of the LIMITED PERIOD OFFER (Coupon Codes) to Pre-Book/Pre-Purchase ALL the Proficient Level (BASIC-PROFESSIONAL-ADVANCED) Course Materials under a SINGLE ROOF !!

The BASIC LEVEL Study Manual will be dispatched (within 2-3 Business working days) followed by the PROFESSIONAL and the ADVANCED LEVEL Course Materials.

Your CONSIGNMENT will be Dispatched Accordingly i.e., A Minimum Waiting Period of 2 MONTHS is affixed before dispatching progressive individual Course Materials, so as to eliminate any misusage/under-usage of the circumstances.

We sternly believe in this transit/break period, which can possibly help in Inheriting Sufficient Time-Consciousness amongst EVERY Participant, to Sincerely Try and Significantly Master the Study Materials ONE-BY-ONE to their Best Capabilities.


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